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Eli Williams
6 August 1983
(states/regions/territories), United Kingdom
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brothers & sisters, castiel, christian mann, chrolli, cory monteith, csi, dan humphrey, dave annable, dean winchester, doctor who, dollhouse, fakes, fandom, fanvids, gareth david-lloyd, gay, glee, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, heroes, ianto jones, janto, jensen ackles, justin walker, lost, manips, manipulation, milo ventimiglia, misha collins, one tree hill, penn badgley, porn, recaps, sex, slash, smallville, supernatural, the mentalist, the vampire diaries, thore scholermann, torchwood, true blood, verbotene liebe

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Hi! I'm Eli! I'm a boy and as you can see i mainly use this journal to post my art, mainly manips and fanvids, sometimes the ocassional wallpaper or icons of my favorite fandoms and a few requests too.

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I love making manips, most of them are XXX and mostly homoerotic.

x] I take requests, i open a request post every now and then.
x] Please DO NOT STEAL/REUPLOAD/SHARE my manips!!!
x] You CAN do some other art using my manips as a base, but please CREDIT ME!
x] Feedback is love!!!! If you like something please comment!


I also make fanvids about everything i like, some recaps, but mostly slash.

x] Do not STEAL my vids, that's why i also put my frakin signature during the whole vid, otherwise you'll force me to stop giving download links.
x] Do not upload my vids somehwere else.
x] Feel free to request a vid if you want to.
x] If you liked it: comment, rate and subscribe please! =P


I've had a few bad experiences in the past, so i'm
very selective about the people i friend.

x] You gotta have at least 100 comments posted.
x] You have to comment a lot.
x] You can't even think about stealing or you're dead.
x] Send me a message or post in the first thread.


[x] Verbotene Liebe
[x] Supernatural
[x] Hawaii Five-0
[x] The Walking Dead
[x] Nikita
[x] True Blood
[x] The Mentalist
[x] Torchwood
[x] Doctor Who
[x] Gossip Girl
[x] Brothers & Sisters
[x] Grey's Anatomy
[x] Glee
[x] Being Human
[x] The Vampire Diaries
[x] One Tree Hill
[x] Dollhouse
[x] White Collar
[x] Emmerdale

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