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16 August 2011 @ 12:49 am
The Week According To Me #17  

Week #17! Banner guy of the Week: Gerard Butler.

➭ Song of the Week

'We're A Miracle' - Christina Aguilera.

➭ Original stuff of the Week
Sharing some of my pics :D

"I'm gonna need a bigger mouth"


"Hello birdie!"

➭ Amazing Gif of the Week
You're so funny!

➭ Reason #98327459837493 why you should watch Torchwood of the Week
Captain Jack doing naughty things with bartenders.

➭ I see what you did there of the Week:
Glenn Close...

➭ Funniest and Gayest video you'll see this Week
01:24 kills me EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. looooll.

➭ Hot Stuff of the Week:
MONDAY!! - well hello there daddy sir!

➭ Hermione and Condoms Story of the Week

➭ Amazing name of the Week:
I'm changing my name rn...

➭ Paranoid Parrot Is so Like Me, It's Scary.... of the Week

➭ Naughty teacher of the Week
idgaf. i think Family guy is hilarious!

➭ Proof of this man's undeniable love for women of the Week:
You know, i'm kinda happy loving penises.

➭ Hot Stuff of the Week:
TUESDAY!! - zip it down please!

➭ The Hangover Flashmob of the Week:
...or is it?

➭ Out of context captcha is out of context of the Week:
Pedobear is that you?!

➭ Superwho is real of the Week
Team Free Will in the Tardis!

➭ New Apple Product of the Week:
This is an exclusive guys! Here's the new Apple Macbook!

➭ Hot Stuff of the Week:

➭ This puta of the Week
Dora, u so nasty!


➭ Voldemort being flawless of the Week:
Nagini has some rythm, bitches!

➭ Ba dum pssshhhh of the Week:

➭ Expectations/Reality of the Week:
Making a kissy face.



➭ Hot Stuff of the Week:

➭ Perfection of the Week:
Remember last week's Jensen picspam?! Well, somebody pointed me to this which is by far the best use of Kbs ever!

Seriously, congratulations on your face!

➭ Making True Blood better of the Week
What if we have some Eric/Bill? y/y?

i mean, we already had Jason/Hoyt, so...

➭ Badass Chatroulette kid of the Week
lol. this generation....

➭ This seems like a bad idea of the Week
What did they think was gonna happen?!

➭ MTV Cribs of the Week

➭ CHEATERRRRRR of the Week

➭ Hot Stuff of the Week:
FRIDAY!! - Friday is O'loughlin day, bitches!

➭ Not a Bad Idea of the Week
I'll do it.

➭ Grayson is amazing of the Week:
My love for Cougar Town continues.

➭ Drarry is real of the Week

➭ Speaking of Drarry... of the Week
Tom Felton reacts to some Drarry Manips.

➭ Hot Stuff of the Week:
SATURDAY!! - well, hello there Danno.

➭ OMG PUPPIES!!! of the Week
...omg! ...omg!

➭ Oh no you didn't of the Week:
Yes you did...

➭ Landscape of the Week:
Is this Hawaii? Anybody knows?

➭ Anger Management of the Week:
Not so angry now, huh?

➭ Back to School of the Week:
Remember your school days? You had...

The popular girls:

The popular guys:

The sluts:

The pervs:

The nerds:

The guidos:

The stoners:

That awkward PDA couple:

That guy that really doesn’t want to be late for class:

The socially awkward kids:

That kid with the swag:

That gurl that’s just straight up fabulous:

➭ Hot Stuff of the Week:

➭ Look At Your Life, Look At Your Choices of the Week

➭ My Body Is Ready of the Week
10 Minutes of Jensen Ackles Kisses

Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Chris Hitchenlizlemonparty on August 16th, 2011 05:40 pm (UTC)
lol at Tom Felton. There should have been more Drarry in clip though ... dirty, filthy Drarry
tw_31988 on August 19th, 2011 02:54 am (UTC)
they should've read an extract of a NC-17 fic.
Chris Hitchen: Princess Lizlizlemonparty on August 19th, 2011 03:24 am (UTC)
OMG I would have started Lizzing