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Eli Williams

. fandom | Glee
. character(s)/pairing | Finn Hudson & Brody Weston [Cory Monteith/Dean Geyer]
. about | So, i've been catching up on glee and Dean Geyer is a greeeeaaat new addition, but i'm kinda surprised Ryan Murphy is not letting him be shirtless all the time.

Gif credit: lulusaurus

He has a derpy face most of the time, but he's kinda cute. Anyway, Finn's been backpacking for months, annd let's say he met Brody before visiting Rachel and well, sparks happened.


Eli Williams

. fandom | Once Upon a Time
. character(s)/pairing | Prince Charming & Prince Phillip [Josh Dallas/Julian Morris]
. about | Why am i not living in this magical world?! God all these princes are so freaking cute, i'm all flustered. Srsly tho, all the awards for Once Upon a Time's casting director. Charming, Sheriff Graham, Pinocchio, Phillip and soon Cpt. Hook. Anyway, Charming has to put those cocksucking lips to work.