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. fandom | Arrow
. character(s)/pairing | Malcolm Merlyn // Oliver Queen & Tommy Merlyn
[John Barrowman/Stephen Amell/Colin Donnell]
. about | I gotta admit, i started watching this show for the bromance potential and the eyecandy (Stephen Amell's body is to die for and Colin Donnell is so freaking cute, i wouldn't kick him out of bed) and then they just add Barrowman. My body is so fucking ready. And he's evil! And right here he's collecting some evidence against Oliver, doesn't matter if it involves his son as well...did i mention i'm making Tommy/Oliver one of my OTP's?



. fandom | Once Upon a Time
. character(s)/pairing | Captain Hook & Prince Charming [Colin O'Donoghue/Josh Dallas]
. about | This show's casting directos is going to kill me. KILL ME. I instantly cum everytime Hook's onscreen, I can't even focus on the show! Emma and Snow can be playing poker topless and i wouldn't have noticed.


24 December 2012 @ 10:10 pm