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Eli Williams

. fandom | Teen Wolf/Supernatural
. character(s)/pairing | Derek Hale & Dean Winchester [Tyler Houechlin/Jensen Ackles]
. about | Both of this shows are rich on eyecandy and it's understandable for them to do a crossover. Dean is out in the woods chasing werewolves when he runs into Derek and boom. Obviously Dean's penis goes as crazy as mine when i watch Teen Wolf.


30 December 2012 @ 09:06 pm

. fandom | The Walking Dead
. character(s)/pairing | Daryl Dixon & Rick Grimes [Norman Reedus/Andrew Lincoln]
. about | I just don't do enough rimming manips, which is odd considering how much i like it. And i'd kiss Daryl's little hole even if the world is ending...which it kinda is, but not even a zombie can pull Rick away when he's focused.