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30 December 2030 @ 09:27 pm
I'm making manips again!! and i'm moving to Tumblr!

If you wanna see new manips, you can visit Roomieland.
If you wanna see new gay storylines, you can visit The Gay Storylines Archive.
If you wanna follow me, you can visit my tumblr.

beeceexxbeeceexx on January 5th, 2010 09:55 am (UTC)
Hi i was wondering if i could be added just saw your vamp/werewolf manip and wew it is so hot! i love what you did and the expressions on their faces. I don't have many comments yet partly because i've only been active on my journal for bout six months, i will however promise to comment and love your work so it certaintly wont be a hardship.
thankx if you do!