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Don't Tell The World What We Know

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Eli Williams
6 August 1983
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Hi! I'm Eli! I'm a boy and as you can see i mainly use this journal to post my art, mainly manips and fanvids, sometimes the ocassional wallpaper or icons of my favorite fandoms and a few requests too.

» Journal Layout made by departed  and cinnamonstreet  and edited by me.


I love making manips, most of them are XXX and mostly homoerotic.

x] I take requests, i open a request post every now and then.
x] Please DO NOT STEAL/REUPLOAD/SHARE my manips!!!
x] You CAN do some other art using my manips as a base, but please CREDIT ME!
x] Feedback is love!!!! If you like something please comment!


I also make fanvids about everything i like, some recaps, but mostly slash.

x] Do not STEAL my vids, that's why i also put my frakin signature during the whole vid, otherwise you'll force me to stop giving download links.
x] Do not upload my vids somehwere else.
x] Feel free to request a vid if you want to.
x] If you liked it: comment, rate and subscribe please! =P


I've had a few bad experiences in the past, so i'm
very selective about the people i friend.

x] You gotta have at least 100 comments posted.
x] You have to comment a lot.
x] You can't even think about stealing or you're dead.
x] Send me a message or post in the first thread.


[x] Verbotene Liebe
[x] Supernatural
[x] Hawaii Five-0
[x] The Walking Dead
[x] Nikita
[x] True Blood
[x] The Mentalist
[x] Torchwood
[x] Doctor Who
[x] Gossip Girl
[x] Brothers & Sisters
[x] Grey's Anatomy
[x] Glee
[x] Being Human
[x] The Vampire Diaries
[x] One Tree Hill
[x] Dollhouse
[x] White Collar
[x] Emmerdale

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